The fall season ushers in many wonderful holiday traditions, and, if you're like me, none are more timely and inspiring than celebrating the season with fall decor. Porch displays and table settings scattered with fall leaves depict the seasonal bounty and arrival of the harvest.

During this time of year, every space seems to take on new life with bursts of orange, red, and gold and cozy farmhouse decor we associate with the fall season. From friendly patchwork scarecrows and burlap-ribboned wreaths to vibrant sunflower bouquets, there are infinite ways to decorate your home for fall. 

If you're looking for something to really crow about this year, however, incorporate a handmade gourd craft into your seasonal decorating. Gourds make for the perfect fall decor as they naturally complement items you're probably already using like pumpkins, dried corn ears, hay bales, fall leaves, and cotton stalks.

Readily available in the fall, gourds are also easy to work with as, when dried out, their golden, hard shells hold shape and won't rot, so you can store them after the holidays for reuse in seasons to come. Additionally, their natural surface is much like a slightly porous wood finish, so you can paint, clear-coat, stain, dye, cut, and sand gourds just like wood.

For a simple, quick gourd craft for fall and Thanksgiving, you can spray paint a few gourds with metallic paint for chic but effortless fall decor. Just follow these easy steps, then use these gorgeous gourds to dress up any fall arrangement.

Metallic Fall Gourd Decor

Step 1: Choose your favorite gourds of varying shapes, sizes, and textures.

The many varieties of gourds allow you to find the perfect shapes and sizes to complement one another and the overall display. Gourds also come in different textures with some more smooth while others are more "warty" like the ones I'm using.

You can usually source gourds from a local grower or farmers market. Believe it or not, a number of states actually have a gourd society with websites that provide lists of both in-state and out-of-state growers. If you live in the Wilmington area, check out the Historic Downtown Wilmington Marketplace and Wrightsville Beach Farmers Market for gourds or gourd family relatives like pumpkin. 

If you don't have access to locally-grown gourds, you can buy plastic gourds to paint from a craft store like Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabric.



Step 2: Select a bronze or copper spray paint to add a metallic sheen to your gourds.

I prefer to use enamel spray paint for most of my craft projects and recommend using a bronze or copper color instead of gold for a more natural look.

Step 3: Spray paint the gourds.

Hold the spray can about six to eight inches away from the gourd while you're spray painting.

The easiest way to paint a gourd is to tie a string around the stem and hang it up so you don't have to maneuver the gourd while the paint is wet. When the gourd is dry, untie the gourd and spray paint the stem.

If you spray paint the gourd on a table, let each side dry before moving it around to spray the next section.


Step 4: Get decorating!

Place your gorgeous gourds in your centerpiece arrangement, porch display, or anywhere else, really- the possibilities are endless! I chose to place mine on a table runner along with some faux leaves (see cover photo), but you can use them anywhere to show off your flair for fall decor.

In addition to the holiday spread, your handmade metallic gourds will be a feast for the eyes that's sure to garner visual interest and perfectly convey the earthy coziness we all love about fall.

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All photos courtesy of writer