Once a pirate hideout, Bald Head Island has gained a much more inviting reputation over the years with its scenic views, relaxing atmosphere, and pleasant people. The island itself stretches over 12,000 acres with about 80% of it being conservation land, keeping the environment as pure as possible and completely free of motor vehicles. So how do people get around Bald Head Island? There are several modes of transportation on Bald Head Island that are environment-friendly and provide scenic views for visitors at the same time.

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Golf Cart Rentals

With Bald Head Island being so vast, many would think that it's impossible for it to be completely car-free, but it's true! Instead, golf carts a popular mode of transportation on Bald Head Island because they don't release toxic emissions and can scoot around rather quickly. You can rent golf carts by the hour, day, or week from the local rental company Cary Cart Company. Rental rates range from $36.50 for a four-passenger cart for an hour to $500 for a week for a 6-passenger cart. You must have a valid driver license to drive one of their carts, which are a great way to enjoy Bald Head Island while respecting its natural beauty and integrity.

Bicycle Rentals

If you aren’t interested driving a golf cart, Coastal Urge offers bicycle rentals to tour the island with rentals starting at only $25 a day per cruiser and $50 a day for a tandem bike. This mode of transportation is an alternative for those wanting to experience Bald Head Island a bit differently with the wind blowing through their hair down its picturesque trails.

Ferry Transportation

Since there are no bridges, another popular mode of transportation on this island is the Bald Head Island Ferry , which visitors must take to get on and off the island. Luckily, the ferry runs all day in 30-minute increments and even more often during their busier days. There is a $22 round trip ticket for adults and a $11 round trip ticket for children ages three through 11. The trip itself takes 20 minutes, during which you can get a snack from the concessions stand and admire the beautiful ocean views on the way to the island.

Bald Head Island has so much to see and do, and you can experience it all with the mode of transportation that best suits you and your family.

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